Give form and shape to the imagination

Paintings should polarize, irritate, disturb, shock and still inspire. They are a mirror of the emotional state and a projection surface for the unconscious. My style is relatively vague and has no fixed recognition features. Thematically, I mainly deal with the representation of sureal dream worlds and prefer variety, both in terms of style and techniques. So everything is included, from low-color biomechanics to expressive psychodelic, figurative or abstract, in oil, acrylic, airbrush or mixed technology. First and foremost, I paint for myself and am only satisfied when a picture has turned out well. Therefore, a job often takes longer than I planned wile I get lost in details. That's why I don't paint a picture twice or even in series.

Every artist has their sources of inspiration.
Mine is, besides my own imagination, nature - the landscapes, the esthetic beauty of all living creatures, their anatomy, the underwater worlds, the fractal nature of all existing forms and structures.
Of course, I was also very impressed and motivated by other artists, such as IZdzisław Beksiński, Vladislav Cadaversky, Allen Williams, Alex Gray. Especially I learned a lot from the great "Master Of Horror" H.R. Giger.

Buying art is a matter of trust

You can purchase paintings directly from me. Please inquire by email or phone. Not all pictures are still available - some have already been sold. Some are also available as high quality prints. Because I am independent, I can offer my paintings and prints without intermediaries.